What to Expect with Clearogen’s Acne Solution

Clinical testing has shown that with proper use, Clearogen’s acne control treatment safely and effectively reduces existing acne, and will prevent acne breakouts. Clearogen starts working from day one, by stopping DHT production, and normalizing skin oil production. It also starts right away to clear existing acne. Restore your skin’s natural beauty, for the long term, in just a few weeks, with Clearogen’s total acne treatment.

Within 30 days: existing acne begins to disappear and new acne stops forming. Skin becomes less oily and healthier.
Within 45-60 days: significant improvement can be noticed at this stage.

Once the desired results are achieved, Clearogen can be used, less frequently, to maintain results and prevent new breakouts.



Our Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your Clearogen results after 60 days, return your used or unused products for a full refund.


“Clearogen has been my miracle worker. I’ve had the worst acne ever since the age of 16. HUGE cystic like bumps all over my face. It made me feel so ugly…  After using the Clearogen my face cleared up tremendously…. It has turned my life around and given me back my confidence and self-esteem…. Being someone who has suffered with it for so long and having to go through depression and hitting rock bottom because of it I can now finally live my life to the fullest again ”