1.  Acne solutions, beyond clogged pores and bacteria. 

While most adult acne treatment options only focus on opening the clogged pores and killing bacteria to get rid of acne fast.  Clearogen’s Acne Treatment offers a long term solution by taking the fight one step further and addressing the root cause of acne: DHT.

2. Clearogen adult  acne treatment is easy to use.

Step 1. Wash with the Foaming Cleanser
Step 2. Apply the Clarifying Toner
Step 3. Apply the Acne Lotion. You are done.
You are done! Clearogen’s three step system takes the guesswork out of your daily acne facial treatment and provides you everything you need for clear, acne-free and youthful skin.

3. Clearogen has no systemic effects.

Clearogen acne solution is applied where it’s needed – on the skin – so it only blocks the DHT within the skin where the acne breakouts occur. It does not change your hormones elsewhere, and therefore has no systemic side effects.

4. Clearogen works fast and for all skin types.

Independent clinical studies have confirmed that the Clearogen acne face wash treatment works from the first application, with visible results within days. Best results occur within 30-60 days of use.

5. Clearogen adult acne treatment uses a unique delivery system.

Clearogen’s delivery system allows the natural ingredients to penetrate skin and reach the sebaceous glands where DHT is made to get rid of acne fast and achieve lasting results. Without this delivery system, these important ingredients would remain on the top layers of the skin, rendering them ineffective.